New Subject Editor: Florian Altermatt

26 September 2022

I am Professor of Aquatic Ecology at University of Zurich and Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology. My research is centred around spatial ecology, with a focus on aquatic systems. I am especially interested in the study of causes and consequences of biodiversity in riverine ecosystems, using large-scale field studies with amphipods, protist microcosm experiments, and theoretical modelling. In parallel, I am, together with my research group, advancing environmental DNA (eDNA)-based approaches for the assessment of biodiversity. Finally, I am using the meta-ecosystem concept to study effects of resource fluxes across blue-green ecosystems, using experimental, comparative and theoretical approaches. A key interest of myself is to be actively involved in promoting knowledge exchange on biodiversity at the interface of science with policy and practice.

Keywords: Aquatic Ecology, Spatial ecology, Metacommunity ecology, Metaecosystem ecology, Biodiversity, Environmental DNA

Twitter: @altermattlab


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