New Subject Editor: Gareth Williams

17 February 2021

I am an Associate Professor of Marine Biology in the School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University, North Wales, UK. I am a marine ecologist specialising in coral reef ecology. My work focuses on the interaction of organisms with their environment, often taking a macroecological approach. I am particularly interested in how human activities and natural biophysical gradients interact to drive coral reef structure and function across multiple trophic levels (microbes to sharks) and scales (individual reefs to entire ocean basins). Much of my work incorporates remote coral reefs free from direct human impact, providing key replication at the unimpacted end of an intact-to-degraded ecosystem spectrum. By surveying across extensive geographical areas, our group addresses broad questions pertaining to: 1) the human, climatic and oceanographic drivers of coral reef ecosystem structure and function, 2) the spatial ecology of coral reefs, 3) climate change impacts to coral reef ecosystems, and 4) disease dynamics on coral reefs.

Keywords: Coral Reef Ecology, Oceanography, Macroecology, Climate Change, Coral Disease, Marine Ecology



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