Ecography Internal Waivers

The mission of Ecography is to be an outlet for exciting, novel, and important articles that significantly advance understanding of ecological or biodiversity patterns in space or time. An increasing proportion of our authors are covered by agreements with our publisher Wiley, allowing them to publish in Ecography with no direct cost. In addition to this, authors from low- and lower middle-income countries, can be covered through the partnership between Wiley and research4life, allowing them to publish for free or with a discount. However, we realise that there still is a segment of authors who are not covered by any agreements and who have no possibility to pay the Article Processing Charges (APC). To counter this, at least in part, Ecography is offering internal waivers to authors from middle-income countries with limited funding.


How does it work?

Corresponding authors can request a waiver by writing to the editorial office (ecography [at] oikosoffice [dot] lu [dot] seBEFORE SUBMISSION, providing a list of the authors, their research affiliation and a brief statement about why they request a waiver. We aim to respond to requests for waivers within one working week. If granted a waiver, authors will receive instructions about how to submit their paper in the submission system. Informal inquiries about eligibility can be made at any time.

Important points:

  • note that the decision for a waiver is independent from the editorial process. This is why a request for a waiver must be made BEFORE a manuscript is submitted. Being granted a waiver does not guarantee that your paper will be accepted for publication in Ecography. Waived manuscripts will go through the normal peer review process like any other submission.
  • the number of the internal waivers is limited, and they will be given at a first come, first served basis. Thus, waivers are subject to availability.
  • authors cannot book a waiver. Do not request a waiver unless your paper is ready for submission. Authors given a waiver should submit their work within one week from the date the waiver has been given. 
  • internal waivers are primarily intended for authors from the Global South, early career authors for our E4 award, as well as authors from our editorial board.