New Subject Editor: Piero Calosi

26 October 2022

I'm an marine evolutionary physiologist at the University of Quebec in Rimouski. My research is at the interface between physiology, ecology and evolution of marine invertebrates and aims at defining geographical patterns of physiological diversity (Macrophysiology) and organisms ability to respond, cope and evolve under ongoing combined climate and global changes (Global Change Biology): including warming, ocean acidification, changes in salinity and de-oxygenation. I work on different life stages of aquatic and marine invertebrates using laboratory natural selection experiments and in situ translocations to compare strains, populations and species, in order to better understand species ability to adapt to rapid environmental changes. I have also an interest in defining physiological mechanisms explaining rarity, species rarefaction and extinctions (past and future), and I integrate single and multi-omics/layers approaches to link cellular abilities to cope with environmental changes to their ecological consequences higher up in the biological hierarchy.
Keywords:  macrophysiology, macroecology, evolutionary physiology, global change, ocean warming, ocean acidification, hypoxia, physiological diversity


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