New Subject Editor Elizabeth Le Roux

15 March 2022


I am an Assistant Professor in megafauna ecology and restoration at the Department of Biology at Aarhus University. My work focuses on the diverse ways in which large mammals impact ecosystems, specifically in terms of structuring herbaceous layers and influencing elemental landscapes. I am also interested in species interactions within and across trophic levels, and how these interactions modify animal impact on the ecosystem. Ultimately, I hope to advance our understanding of large mammals’ functional role within ecosystems and the cost associated with their loss from these systems, in the hopes of incentivising and guiding restoration efforts. I work mostly in African savanna systems, but also in Danish rewilding areas. I hope to use the insights gained from the relatively intact ecosystems in Africa, where large mammals continue to function as agents of change, to try and anticipate the consequences of recovery in disturbed systems.


Keywords: Megafauna ecology, Predator-prey interactions, Herbivory, Zoogeochemistry, Community Ecology, Conservation biology, Ecosystem functioning


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