New Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Dominique Gravel

14 January 2022

Please welcome our new DEiC!

Dominique Gravel is professor at the Biology Department of Université de Sherbrooke, Canada, and holds the Tier 1 Canada Chair in Integrative ecology. His research is at the interface between metacommunity ecology and biogeography. The general objective of his research program to develop a theoretical framework to understand and predict biodiversity distribution and functioning at the global scale. He also develops different modelling techniques to document the spatial variation in network structure for various systems, which got him to work on various systems such as terrestrial food webs in the Arctic, marine ecosystems, microbial food webs in pitcher plants and North American temperate forests. He his currently leading Biodiversity-Québec, a biodiversity observation network within the GeoBON initiative, contributing to a new data infrastructure integrated with a set of real-time applications for visualization of biodiversity changes.

Keywords: Spatial ecology, Theoretical ecology, Modeling, Metacommunity, Metaecosystems, Biodiversity, Ecosystem functioning, Species distribution, Species interactions, Ecological networks


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