Early view articles

16 January 2018

Determinants of data deficiency in the impacts of alien bird species

Evans Thomas, Pigot Alex, Kumschick Sabrina, Şekercioğlu Çağan H., Blackburn...
26 December 2017

Effects of grain size and niche breadth on species distribution modeling

Connor Thomas, Hull Vanessa, Viña Andrés, Shortridge Ashton, Tang Ying, Zhang...
26 December 2017

Red squirrels decline in abundance in the boreal forests of Finland and NW Russia

Turkia T., Selonen V., Danilov P., Kurhinen J., Ovaskainen O., Rintala J.,...
26 December 2017

Influence of the geography of speciation on current patterns of coral reef fish biodiversity across the Indo-Pacific

Gaboriau Théo, Leprieur Fabien, Mouillot David, Hubert Nicolas
26 December 2017

Climate and amphibian body size: a new perspective gained from the fossil record

Martínez-Monzón Almudena, Blain Hugues-Alexandre, Cuenca-Bescós Gloria,...
26 December 2017

Disentangling biotic interactions, environmental filters, and dispersal limitation as drivers of species co-occurrence

D'Amen Manuela, Mod Heidi K., Gotelli Nicholas J., Guisan Antoine...
26 December 2017

Association between temporal and spatial beta diversity in phytoplankton

Zhang Min, Chen Feizhou, Shi Xiaoli, Yang Zhen, Kong Fanxiang
26 December 2017

SIDER: an R package for predicting trophic discrimination factors of consumers based on their ecology and phylogenetic relatedness

Healy Kevin, Guillerme Thomas, Kelly Sean B. A., Inger Richard, Bearhop Stuart...
26 December 2017

Breeding bird species diversity across gradients of land use from forest to agriculture in Europe

Koivula Matti J., Chamberlain Dan E., Fuller Robert J., Palmer Stephen C. F.,...