Ecography is Gold Open Access

Ecography is a gold Open Access journal

Ecography switched to a full Gold Open Access journal in January 2021. This means that all our papers are freely accessible for anyone to read. Authors may share their articles with anyone, on any platform or via any communication channel. Open Access increases visibility and helps make research reach a larger audience, and generally, this also leads to increased downloads and citations.

In addition, all articles published from 1997 onwards are free for anyone to read. We are convinced that Open Access offers many advantages over traditional publishing and that the free and unlimited access to Ecography’s papers will strengthen the journal.

Why did Ecography go Open Access?

The publishing landscape is rapidly changing. As a society, we need to adapt to these changes, to make sure that our journals can continue to thrive and deliver the very best research to readers across the globe. For a long time, the publishing of Ecography has been heavily subsidized by the Nordic Society Oikos (NSO). This model has worked when the landscape has been stable and our other journals have been able to attract enough subscription income to provide support for the full journal portfolio. But now, when more and more funders and countries mandate Open Access, increasing pressure and uncertainty is placed on the traditional subscription system. To ensure the long-term survival of all our journals, and to start the transition towards a more open and freely accessible publishing landscape, the board of NSO has decided to move Ecography to Open Access beginning in January 2020. The move to Open Access will not affect the editorial process — the scientific judgement of paper quality is independent of our publication model. We intend to keep the quality of published papers at the highest scientific level.

Waivers and discounts

Although there are many advantages of Open Access, we understand that there also are potential concerns. Moving to a system where authors pay a fee to publish comes with a risk of building new barriers. As a society, we are committed to reduce barriers in publishing and we have therefore set aside funds for a voucher program to be used at the discretion of the Ecography editorial board.

More and more funders have unique agreements with Wiley, where part of the APC (Article Processing Charge) or the full APC is covered by the funder. Please read more here:

In addition, Wiley offers waivers and discounts to corresponding authors based in developing countries. Read more here:

APC fee

All accepted papers are charged an APC (Article Processing Charge). For the category Brevia, there is a 50% waiver whereas News and Views papers are waived entirely (= no APC). Please see what APC applies to you here