Early view articles

31 January 2018

Ecophysiological variation across a forest-ecotone gradient produces divergent climate change vulnerability within species

Yuan Félix Landry, Freedman Adam H., Chirio Laurent, LeBreton Matthew,...
31 January 2018

Landscape host abundance and configuration regulate periodic outbreak behavior in spruce budworm Choristoneura fumiferana

Robert Louis-Etienne, Sturtevant Brian R., Cooke Barry J., James Patrick M. A...
31 January 2018

Biodiversity extinction thresholds are modulated by matrix type

Boesing Andrea Larissa, Nichols Elizabeth, Metzger Jean Paul
30 January 2018

Does wolf presence reduce moose browsing intensity in young forest plantations?

Suzanne T.S. van Beeck Calkoen, Dries P.J. Kuijper, Håkan Sand, Navinder J...
16 January 2018

Dispersal and alternative breeding site fidelity strategies in an amphibian

Denoël Mathieu, Dalleur Séverine, Langrand Estelle, Besnard Aurélien, Cayuela...
16 January 2018

Elevation-dependent effects of forest fragmentation on plant–bird interaction networks in the tropical Andes

Quitián Marta, Santillán Vinicio, Espinosa Carlos Iván, Homeier Jürgen, Böhning...
16 January 2018

Peatland forests are the least diverse tree communities documented in Amazonia, but contribute to high regional beta-diversity

Draper Frederick C., Honorio Coronado Eurídice N., Roucoux Katherine H., Lawson...
16 January 2018

Predicting community rank-abundance distributions under current and future climates

McCarthy James K., Mokany Karel, Ferrier Simon, Dwyer John M.