Early view articles

21 August 2017

A Pleistocene disturbance event describes modern diversity patterns in tidal marsh birds

Maureen D. Correll, Whitney A. Wiest, Thomas P. Hodgman, Joseph T. Kelley,...
14 July 2017

Evolutionary processes, dispersal limitation and climatic history shape current diversity patterns of European dragonflies

Stefan Pinkert, Klaas-Douwe B. Dijkstra, Dirk Zeuss, Christoph Reudenbach,...
14 July 2017

On the use of climate covariates in aquatic species distribution models: are we at risk of throwing out the baby with the bath water?

Daniel J. McGarvey, Mitra Menon, Taylor Woods, Spencer Tassone, Jessica Reese,...
11 July 2017

Mapping and explaining wolf recolonization in France using dynamic occupancy models and opportunistic data

Julie Louvrier, Christophe Duchamp, Valentin Lauret, Eric Marboutin, Sarah...
11 July 2017

Quaternary refugia are associated with higher speciation rates in mammalian faunas of the Western Palaearctic

Jennifer Morales-Barbero, Pablo Ariel Martinez, Dolores Ferrer-Castán, Miguel Á...
27 June 2017

Integrating transport pressure data and species distribution models to estimate invasion risk for alien stowaways

Reid Tingley, Pablo García-Díaz, Carla Rani Rocha Arantes, Phillip Cassey
15 June 2017

Sea ice resource selection models for polar bears in the Barents Sea subpopulation

Karen Lone, Benjamin Merkel, Christian Lydersen, Kit M. Kovacs, Jon Aars
13 June 2017

Climate change, glacier retreat and a new ice-free island offer new insights on Antarctic benthic responses

Cristian Lagger, Mónica Nime, Luciana Torre, Natalia Servetto, Marcos Tatián,...