Early view articles

26 December 2017

Quantifying the climatic niche of symbiont partners in a lichen symbiosis indicates mutualist-mediated niche expansions

Rolshausen Gregor, Dal Grande Francesco, Sadowska-Deś Anna D., Otte Jürgen,...
4 December 2017

Density dependence, prey accessibility and prey depletion by fisheries drive Peruvian seabird population dynamics

Barbraud Christophe, Bertrand Arnaud, Bouchón Marilú, Chaigneau Alexis, Delord...
4 December 2017

Ecological constraints from incumbent clades drive trait evolution across the tree-of-life of freshwater macroinvertebrates

Múrria Cesc, Dolédec Sylvain, Papadopoulou Anna, Vogler Alfried P., Bonada Núria
4 December 2017

The effect of fragment area on site-level biodiversity

Phillips Helen R. P., Halley John M., Urbina-Cardona J. Nicolas, Purvis Andy
4 December 2017

High parasite infection level in non-native invasive species: it is just a matter of time

Kołodziej-Sobocińska M., Brzeziński M., Niemczynowicz A., Zalewski A.
4 December 2017

Generalist predator's niche shifts reveal ecosystem changes in an experimentally fragmented landscape

Resasco Julian, Tuff Kika T., Cunningham Saul A., Melbourne Brett A., Hicks...
4 December 2017

Disentangling vegetation and climate as drivers of Australian vertebrate richness

Coops Nicholas C., Rickbeil Gregory J. M., Bolton Douglas K., Andrew Margaret E...
4 December 2017

Habitat structural complexity metrics improve predictions of fish abundance and distribution

Ferrari Renata, Malcolm Hamish A., Byrne Maria, Friedman Ariell, Williams...