Early view articles

27 September 2017

Microclimate variability in alpine ecosystems as stepping stones for non-native plant establishment above their current elevational limit

Jonas J. Lembrechts, Jonathan Lenoir, Martin A. Nuñez, Aníbal Pauchard, Charly...
27 September 2017

Introduced megafauna are rewilding the Anthropocene

Erick J. Lundgren, Daniel Ramp, William J. Ripple, Arian D. Wallach
27 September 2017

Predicting krill swarm characteristics important for marine predators foraging off East Antarctica

S. Bestley, B. Raymond, N. J. Gales, R. G. Harcourt, M. A. Hindell, I. D...
22 September 2017

Fine-scale forest variability and biodiversity in the boreal mixedwood forest

Jaime Pinzon, Linhao Wu, Fangliang He, John R. Spence
13 September 2017

Continent-level drivers of African pyrodiversity

Gareth P. Hempson, Catherine L. Parr, Sally Archibald, T. Michael Anderson,...
13 September 2017

Analog-based fire regime and vegetation shifts in mountainous regions of the western US

Sean A. Parks, Lisa M. Holsinger, Carol Miller, Marc-André Parisien
13 September 2017

Linking genetic and ecological differentiation in an ungulate with a circumpolar distribution

Glenn Yannic, Joaquín Ortego, Loïc Pellissier, Nicolas Lecomte, Louis...
13 September 2017

Can collective memories shape fish distributions? A test, linking space-time occurrence models and population demographics

Jed I. Macdonald, Kai Logemann, Elias T. Krainski, Þorsteinn Sigurðsson, Colin...