Early view articles

16 February 2017

Potential trajectories of old-growth Neotropical forest functional composition under climate change

Adina Chain-Guadarrama, Pablo Imbach, Sergio Vilchez-Mendoza, Lee A. Vierling,...
14 February 2017

Do metacommunity mass effects predict changes in species incidence and abundance?

Donald M. Waller, Erika L. Mudrak, David A. Rogers
14 February 2017

Dialects of an invasive songbird are preserved in its invaded but not native source range

Pavel Pipek, Tereza Petrusková, Adam Petrusek, Lucie Diblíková, Mark A. Eaton,...
14 February 2017

‘MigrateR’: extending model-driven methods for classifying and quantifying animal movement behavior

Derek B. Spitz, Mark Hebblewhite, Thomas R. Stephenson
14 February 2017

ecospat: an R package to support spatial analyses and modeling of species niches and distributions

Valeria Di Cola, Olivier Broennimann, Blaise Petitpierre, Frank T. Breiner,...
14 February 2017

Taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic metacommunity ecology of cladoceran zooplankton along urbanization gradients

Andros T. Gianuca, Jessie Engelen, Kristien I. Brans, Fabio Toshiro T...
14 February 2017

Plant-pollinator networks in semi-natural grasslands are resistant to the loss of pollinators during blooming of mass-flowering crops

Ainhoa Magrach, Andrea Holzschuh, Ignasi Bartomeus, Verena Riedinger, Stuart P...
3 February 2017

Latitudinal and altitudinal patterns of plant community diversity on mountain summits across the tropical Andes

Francisco Cuesta, Priscilla Muriel, Luis Daniel Llambí, Stephan Halloy, Nikolay...