Early view articles

19 May 2017

Invasion of the Hawaiian Islands by a parasite infecting imperiled stream fishes

Roderick B. Gagne, C. Grace Sprehn, Fernando Alda, Peter B. McIntyre, James F...
17 May 2017

Local and cross-seasonal associations of climate and land use with abundance of monarch butterflies Danaus plexippus

Sarah P. Saunders, Leslie Ries, Karen S. Oberhauser, Wayne E. Thogmartin, Elise...
16 May 2017

Mapping and explaining wolf recolonization in France using dynamic occupancy models and opportunistic data

Julie Louvrier, Christophe Duchamp, Valentin Lauret, Eric Marboutin, Sarah...
12 May 2017

Host community similarity and geography shape the diversity and distribution of haemosporidian parasites in Amazonian birds

A. Fecchio, R. Pinheiro, G. Felix, I. P. Faria, J. B. Pinho, G. A. Lacorte, E...
12 May 2017

PaleoView: a tool for generating continuous climate projections spanning the last 21 000 years at regional and global scales

Damien A. Fordham, Frédérik Saltré, Sean Haythorne, Tom M. L. Wigley, Bette L...
9 May 2017

Opening the black box: an open-source release of Maxent

Steven J. Phillips, Robert P. Anderson, Miroslav Dudík, Robert E. Schapire,...
7 May 2017

Integrating transport pressure data and species distribution models to estimate invasion risk for alien stowaways

Reid Tingley, Pablo García-Díaz, Carla Rani Rocha Arantes, Phillip Cassey
28 April 2017

Quaternary refugia are associated with higher speciation rates in mammalian faunas of the Western Palaearctic

Jennifer Morales-Barbero, Pablo Ariel Martinez, Dolores Ferrer-Castán, Miguel Á...