Early view articles

10 October 2017

sOAR: a tool for modelling optimal animal life-history strategies in cyclic environments

Merlin Schaefer, Stephan Menz, Florian Jeltsch, Damaris Zurell
9 October 2017

Habitat disturbance selects against both small and large species across varying climates

H. Gibb, N.J. Sanders, R.R. Dunn, X. Arnan, H.L. Vasconcelos, D.A. Donoso, A.N...
7 October 2017

Extinction-driven changes in frugivore communities on oceanic islands

Julia H. Heinen, E. Emiel van Loon, Dennis M. Hansen, W. Daniel Kissling
7 October 2017

Generalist predator's niche shifts reveal ecosystem changes in an experimentally fragmented landscape

Julian Resasco, Kika Tarsi Tuff, Saul A. Cunningham, Brett A. Melbourne, Andrew...
7 October 2017

The effect of fragment area on site-level biodiversity

Helen R. P. Phillips, John M. Halley, J. Nicolas Urbina-Cordona, Andy Purvis
7 October 2017

Disentangling vegetation and climate as drivers of Australian vertebrate richness

Nicholas C. Coops, Gregory J.M. Rickbeil, Douglas K Bolton, Margaret E. Andrew...