Early view articles

20 February 2018

Pathogeography: leveraging the biogeography of human infectious diseases for global health management

Kris A. Murray, Jesús Olivero, Benjamin Roche, Sonia Tiedt, Jean-Francois Guégan
15 February 2018

Revisitation analysis uncovers spatio-temporal patterns in animal movement data

Chloe Bracis, Keith L. Bildstein, Thomas Mueller
15 February 2018

Local extinctions of obligate frugivores and patch size reduction disrupt the structure of seed dispersal networks

Jamille de Assis Bomfim, Paulo R. Guimarães, Carlos A. Peres, Gustavo Carvalho...
12 February 2018

Macroecological and macroevolutionary patterns emerge in the universe of GNU/Linux operating systems

Petr Keil, A Andrew M MacDonald, Kelly S Ramirez, Joanne M Bennett, Gabriel E...
9 February 2018

Linking species thermal tolerance to elevational range shifts in upland dung beetles

Birkett Ali J., Blackburn George Alan, Menéndez Rosa
9 February 2018

Phylogeny and species traits predict bird detectability

Sólymos Péter, Matsuoka Steven M., Stralberg Diana, Barker Nicole K. S., Bayne...
9 February 2018

Disentangling good from bad practices in the selection of spatial or phylogenetic eigenvectors

Bauman David, Drouet Thomas, Dray Stéphane, Vleminckx Jason
9 February 2018

Elevational gradients in plant defences and insect herbivory: recent advances in the field and prospects for future research

Moreira Xoaquín, Petry William K., Mooney Kailen A., Rasmann Sergio, Abdala-...
9 February 2018

Widely distributed native and alien plant species differ in arbuscular mycorrhizal associations and related functional trait interactions

Menzel Andreas, Hempel Stefan, Davison John, Moora Mari, Pyšek Petr, Rillig...
3 February 2018

Abundance of small mammals correlates with their elevational range sizes and elevational distributions in the subtropics

Zhixin Wen, Yongjie Wu, Jilong Cheng, Tianlong Cai, Yuanbao Du, Deyan Ge, Lin...