Early view articles

15 March 2018

Modeling epidemiological disturbances in LANDIS-II

Francesco Tonini, Chris Jones, Brian R. Miranda, Richard C. Cobb, Brian R...
13 March 2018

A metabolic syndrome in terrestrial ectotherms with different elevational and distribution patterns

Žagar Anamarija, Carretero Miguel A., Marguč Diana, Simčič Tatjana, Vrezec Al
13 March 2018

Identifying in situ climate refugia for plant species

Baumgartner John B., Esperón-Rodríguez Manuel, Beaumont Linda J.
12 March 2018

Filter-dispersal assembly of lowland Neotropical rainforests across the Andes

Bemmels Jordan B., Wright S. Joseph, Garwood Nancy C., Queenborough Simon A.,...
12 March 2018

Gaps in kelp cover may threaten the recovery of California sea otters

Nicholson Teri E., Mayer Karl A., Staedler Michelle M., Fujii Jessica A.,...
12 March 2018

Habitat fragmentation, not habitat loss, drives the prevalence of blood parasites in a Caribbean passerine

Pérez-Rodríguez Antón, Khimoun Aurélie, Ollivier Anthony, Eraud Cyril, Faivre...
8 March 2018

A latitudinal gradient in dimensionality of biodiversity

Richard D. Stevens, J. Sebastián Tello
8 March 2018

Phylogenetic diversity, types of endemism and the evolutionary history of New World bats

Camilo López-Aguirre, Suzanne J. Hand, Shawn W. Laffan, Michael Archer