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Ecography is the outlet for empirical and theoretical work in spatial ecology, macro ecology and biogeography

ECOGRAPHY publishes papers focused on broad spatial and temporal patterns, particularly studies of population and community ecology, macroecology, biogeography, and ecological conservation. Studies in ecological genetics and historical ecology are welcomed in the context of explaining contemporary ecological patterns. Manuscripts are expected to address general principles in ecology, though they may do so using a specific model system if this frames the problem relative to a generalised ecological issue.


Ecography is available as fulltext for subscribers online at Wiley Online Library and Ingenta. Back issues are available at JSTOR.

Papers generally are expected to be based on concise hypotheses or to relate to concise theoretical concepts based on sound natural history. Purely descriptive papers are considered only if breaking new ground and/or describing patterns seldom explored. Manuscripts merely confirming or marginally extending results of previous work are discouraged. Papers are judged by virtue of their originality, appeal to general interest, and their contribution to new developments in ecological research concerning spatial and temporal patterns. There is no bias with regard to taxon, biome, or biogeographical area.

Ecography publishes four types of articles:

Original research papers present research focused on ecological and geographical patterns in space and time. Theoretically oriented papers are expected to synthesize and move beyond previous knowledge, preferably by suggesting new conceptual or methodological approaches to well-established problems. Among empirical studies, those that explore or test clearly stated hypotheses or theoretical predictions and attempt to generalize results to other systems are welcomed.

Forum papers are commentaries, short papers or notes about new ideas, alternative ways of evaluating existing information or responses to recent papers in Ecography or elsewhere that deal with spatio-temporal issues in ecology. Notes focused on new or improved method are also welcome. Contributions in this category may be submitted or solicited.

Review & Synthesis papers provide a critical assessment of the literature with emphasis on current topics in which rapid and significant advances are occurring. Ecography papers in this category should be more focused than the broad, topical reviews typically published elsewhere, developing a synthesis that inspires new hypotheses or new methods. Contributions in this category may be submitted or solicited.

Software Notes announce new software or software already in use but not previously published in a peer-reviewed journal for the study of spatial and temporal patterns in ecology. Software Notes should provide a summary of the software that describes its benefits and potential application(s). Software Notes are published with high priority and the section is intended as an outlet for the very best software tools in spatiotemporal ecology. products that are avialable only on a commercial basis will not be considered.


Ecography is available as fulltext for subscribers on-line at Wiley Online Library. Back issues are available at JSTOR.



All correspondence should be addressed to the Managing Editor (ecography [at] oikosoffice [dot] lu [dot] se), except issues/questions concerning subscriptions and distribution, which should be directed to Wiley-Blackwell.



macro ecology, biogeography, ecology, biodiversity,  ecological conservation, natural history of species, landscape ecology, gene ecology, palaeoecology, ecological patterns


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