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New Subject Editor Jennifer Sunday

My research is focused on understanding the relative roles of climate, physiology, and species’ interactions in range dynamics and changes in biodiversity across the earth. I use temporal analyses of biogeography, comparative traits-based analyses, and experimental...

The existence of partially migratory populations explained by a genetic threshold model

Female blackcap caught and ringed during autumn migration. Photo credit: H.H. de Rooij.


By Marleen M.P. Cobben and Arie J. van Noordwijk


Migration is a very wide-spread behavioural strategy to cope with seasonal changes in environmental...

What is the future of biotic homogenization?

A red junglefowl, (Gallus gallus) on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, where G. gallus is naturalized.


By Kyle Rosenblad

Since McKinney and Lockwood’s (1999) seminal work, a growing body of research has confirmed that human activity...

New Subject Editor Lise Comte

I am a freshwater ecologist with a special interest in how species and communities respond to large-scale anthropogenic disturbances. I am currently a postdoctoral research associate in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington, USA. My...

Simple physics link the distribution and colour of dragonflies across North America and Europe

Assemblages of dragonflies are darker coloured in colder regions and lighter coloured in warmer regions! – A general pattern for insects? Photo: Stefan Pinkert.

By Stefan Pinkert

In this...