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What determines Komodo dragon survival?

A Komodo dragon walks on the beach in Komodo National Park, Indonesia. (Photograph by Achmad Ariefiandy).


By Tim Jessop, Deni Purwandana, Achmad Ariefiandy and Claudio Ciofi.


Across islands, animals may experience marked local environmental...

Top 10 altmetrics papers

Below you can find the 10 Ecography papers that have received the highest scores on Altmetrics to date (23 Sep 2015). Adopting a spatially explicit perspective to study the mysterious fairy circles of Namibia Stephan Getzin, Kerstin Wiegand, Thorsten Wiegand, Hezi Yizhaq,...

There is strength in diversity!

Among individual variation exemplified by alternative colour morphs of the pygmy grasshopper Tetrix subulata (photograph by Anders Forsman).


by Anders Forsman and Lena Wennersten

A better understanding of the causes and consequences of the...

top 20 keywords 2014

This word cloud shows the top 20 keywords that were present in all articles that were published in Ecography during 2014. The larger the size of a word, the more often that keyword occurred in articles during 2014.

Modelling unicorns to improve our capacity to accurately model real species

Modelled distribution of a unicorn whose dispersal was limited to Great Britain and Ireland. Illustration SNGT.

In 1990, Stuart H. Hurlbert analysed the “Spatial Distribution of...