Early view articles

24 February 2018

Morphological trait matching shapes plant-frugivore networks across the Andes

Irene M.A. Bender, W. Daniel Kissling, Pedro G. Blendinger, Katrin Böhning-...
23 February 2018

Spatial mismatch in morphological, ecological and phylogenetic diversity, in historical and contemporary European freshwater fish faunas

Kuczynski Lucie, Côte Jessica, Toussaint Aurèle, Brosse Sébastien, Buisson...
23 February 2018

Using molecular phylogenies in island biogeography: it's about time

Valente Luis, Phillimore Albert B., Etienne Rampal S.
23 February 2018

Salamander morph frequencies do not evolve as predicted in response to 40 years of climate change

Evans Annette E., Forester Brenna R., Jockusch Elizabeth L., Urban Mark C.
23 February 2018

Interrelations of global macroecological patterns in wing and thorax size, sexual size dimorphism, and range size of the Drosophilidae

Rohner Patrick T., Pitnick Scott, Blanckenhorn Wolf U., Snook Rhonda R., Bächli...
23 February 2018

Clustered or scattered? The impact of habitat quality clustering on establishment and early spread

Morel-Journel Thibaut, Hautier Maud, Vercken Elodie, Mailleret Ludovic
23 February 2018

Imperfect detection distorts depth-related trends in marine macrofaunal species richness

Karenyi Natasha, Sink Kerry, Nel Ronel, Clark Allan E., Altwegg Res
20 February 2018

Pathogeography: leveraging the biogeography of human infectious diseases for global health management

Kris A. Murray, Jesús Olivero, Benjamin Roche, Sonia Tiedt, Jean-Francois Guégan