Early view articles

8 March 2018

Drivers of the spatial scale that best predict primate responses to landscape structure

Carmen Galán-Acedo, Víctor Arroyo-Rodríguez, Alejandro Estrada, Gabriel Ramos-...
3 March 2018

Drought intensification drives turnover of structure and function in stream invertebrate communities

Thomas W.H. Aspin, Thomas J. Matthews, Kieran Khamis, Alexander M. Milner,...
3 March 2018

Linking species richness and size diversity in birds and fishes

Jian D. L. Yen, James R. Thomson, Jonathan M. Keith, David M. Paganin, Erica...
28 February 2018

Disentangling the effects of spring anomalies in climate and net primary production on body size of temperate songbirds

Dubos Nicolas, Le Viol Isabelle, Robert Alexandre, Teplitsky Céline, Ghislain...
28 February 2018

When macroecological transitions are a fiction of sampling: comparing herbarium records to plot-based species inventory data

Guerin Greg R., Andersen Alan N., Rossetto Maurizio, van Leeuwen Stephen, Byrne...
26 February 2018

Among-species overlap in rodent body size distributions predicts species richness along a temperature gradient

Read Quentin D., Grady John M., Zarnetske Phoebe L., Record Sydne, Baiser...
26 February 2018

Assessing among-lineage variability in phylogenetic imputation of functional trait datasets

Molina-Venegas Rafael, Moreno-Saiz Juan Carlos, Castro Parga Isabel, Davies T...
26 February 2018

Comparing the prediction of joint species distribution models with respect to characteristics of sampling data

Zhang Chongliang, Chen Yong, Xu Binduo, Xue Ying, Ren Yiping