Appendices are any supplementary material that may be associated with a particular article. Most often they are uploaded as pdf:s, but may also consist of excel files, scripts, videos etc. Appendices are searchable via manuscript number, doi or author name.

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Article number Year Description Documents
E4105 2005

Shimazaki, A. and Miyashita, T. 2005. Variable dependence on detrital and grazing food webs by generalist predators: aearial insects and web spiders. – Ecography 28: 485–494.

E4052 2005

Fang, W. 2005. Spatial analysis of an invasion frontier of Acer platanoides. dynamic inferences from static data. – Ecography 28: 283–294

E3990 2004

Maestre, F. T., Cortina, J. and Bautista, S. 2004. Mechanisms underlying the interaction between Pinus halepensis and the underlying late-successional shrub Pistacia lentiscus in a semi-arid plantation. – Ecography 27: 776–786.

E3866 2004

Hedenås, H. and Ericson, L. 2004. Aspen lichens in agricultural and forest landscapes: the importance of habitat quality. – Ecography 27: 521-531.

E3271 2003

Ribera, I., Foster, G. N. and Vogler, A. P. 2003. Does habitat use explain large scale species richness patterns of aquatic beetles in Europe? – Ecography 26: 145-152.