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Article number Year Description Documents
E4119 2005

Perner, J., Wytrykush, C., Kahmen, A., Buchmann, N., Egerer, I., Creutzburg, S., Odat, N., Audorff, V. and Weisser, W. W. 2005. Effects of plant diversity, plant productivity and habitat parameters on arthropod abundance in montane European grasslands. – Ecography 28: 429–442.

E4105 2005

Shimazaki, A. and Miyashita, T. 2005. Variable dependence on detrital and grazing food webs by generalist predators: aearial insects and web spiders. – Ecography 28: 485–494.

E4052 2005

Fang, W. 2005. Spatial analysis of an invasion frontier of Acer platanoides. dynamic inferences from static data. – Ecography 28: 283–294

E3990 2004

Maestre, F. T., Cortina, J. and Bautista, S. 2004. Mechanisms underlying the interaction between Pinus halepensis and the underlying late-successional shrub Pistacia lentiscus in a semi-arid plantation. – Ecography 27: 776–786.

E3866 2004

Hedenås, H. and Ericson, L. 2004. Aspen lichens in agricultural and forest landscapes: the importance of habitat quality. – Ecography 27: 521-531.

E3271 2003

Ribera, I., Foster, G. N. and Vogler, A. P. 2003. Does habitat use explain large scale species richness patterns of aquatic beetles in Europe? – Ecography 26: 145-152.