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Article number Year Description Documents
E4956 2007

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E4994 2007

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E5005 2007

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E5025 2007

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E5032 2007

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E5041 2007

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E5048 2007

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E5049 2007

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E5053 2007

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E5090 2007

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E5148 2007

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E5162 2007

Jansson, G., Thulin, C.-G. and Pehrson, Å. 2007. Factors related to the occurrence of hybrids between brown hares Lepus europaeus and mountain hares L. timidus in Sweden. – Ecography 30: 709–715.

E5171 2007

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e5175 2007

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E5197 2007

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E5199 2007

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E5338 2007

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E4756 2007

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E4817 2007

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E4818 2007

Escobar, F., Halffter, G. and Arellano, L. 2007. From forest to pasture: an evaluating of the influence of environment and biogeography on the structure of dung beetle (Scarabaeinae) assemblages along three altitudinal gradients in the Neotropical region. – Ecography 30: 193–208.