Accepted articles

Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published in full text online as Early View. These abstracts have not been copyedited and titles and abstracts may change before the final version.

14 March 2018

Survival estimates strongly depend on capture-recapture designs in a disturbed environment inducing dispersal

Ponchon, Aurore; Choquet, Remi; Tornos, Jérémy; McCoy, Karen; Tveraa, Torkild;...
7 March 2018

Canadian butterfly climate debt is significant and correlated with range size

Lewthwaite, Jayme; Angert , Amy L.; Kembel, Steve; Goring, Simon; Davies,...
7 March 2018

Modeling epidemiological disturbances in LANDIS-II

Tonini, Francesco; Jones, Christopher; Miranda, Brian; Cobb, Richard;...
5 March 2018

Drivers of the spatial scale that best predict primate responses to landscape structure

Galán-Acedo, Carmen; Arroyo-Rodriguez, Victor; Estrada, Alejandro; Ramos-...
5 March 2018

Phylogenetic diversity, types of endemism and the evolutionary history of New World bats

López-Aguirre, Camilo; Hand, Suzanne; Laffan, Shawn; Archer, Michael
5 March 2018

A latitudinal gradient in dimensionality of biodiversity

Stevens, Richard; Tello, J.
27 February 2018

The effects of woodland habitat and biogeography on blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) territory occupancy and productivity along a 220km transect

Shutt, Jack; Bolton, Margaret; Benedicto Cabello, Irene; Burgess, Malcolm;...
26 February 2018

Drought intensification drives turnover of structure and function in stream invertebrate communities

Aspin, Thomas; Matthews, Thomas; Khamis, Kieran; Milner, Alexander M.; Wang,...
21 February 2018

Linking species richness and size diversity in birds and fishes

Yen, Jian; Thomson, James; Keith, Jonathan; Paganin, David; Fleishman, Erica;...