Accepted articles

Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published in full text online as Early View. These abstracts have not been copyedited and titles and abstracts may change before the final version.

13 February 2017

Potential trajectories of old-growth Neotropical forest functional composition under climate change

Chain-Guadarrama, Adina; Imbach, Pablo; Vilchez-Mendoza, Sergio; Vierling, Lee...
5 February 2017

Taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic metacommunity ecology of cladoceran zooplankton along urbanization gradients

Gianuca, Andros; Engelen, Jessie; Brans, Kristien; Hanashiro, Fabio; Vanhamel,...
30 January 2017

Toward a theory for diversity gradients: the Abundance-Adaptation Hypothesis

Weiser, Michael; Michaletz, Sean; Buzzard, Vanessa; Deng, Ye; He, Zhili; Shen,...
25 January 2017

A metabolic view of amphibian local community structure: the role of activation energy

Canavero, Andrés; Arim, Matias; Pérez, Fernanda; Jaksic, Fabian; Marquet, Pablo...
25 January 2017

Non-random Patterns of Invasion and Extinction Reduce Phylogenetic Diversity in Island Bird Assemblages

Baiser, Benjamin; Valle, Dennis; Zelazny, Zoe; burleigh, Gordon