Accepted articles

Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published in full text online as Early View. These abstracts have not been copyedited and titles and abstracts may change before the final version.

16 October 2018

Cross-calibration of different radar systems for monitoring nocturnal bird migration across Europe and the Near East

Liechti, Felix; Aschwanden, Janine; Blew, Jan; Boos, Mathieu; Brabant, Robin;...
8 October 2018

Scale-dependent spatial patterns in benthic communities around a tropical island seascape

Aston, Eoghan; Williams, Gareth; Green, Mattias; Davies, Andrew; Wedding, Lisa...
8 October 2018

Response of marine communities to local temperature changes

Flanagan, Patrick; Jensen, Olaf; Morley, James; Pinsky, Malin
4 October 2018

First evidence for long-term stasis in wet-tropics land snail community composition

Nekola, Jeffrey C.; Schilthuizen, Menno; Szabo, Katherine; Horsáková, Veronika...
4 October 2018

Network analysis by simulated annealing of taxa and islands of Macaronesia (North Atlantic Ocean)

Torre, Giancarlo; Fernández Lugo, Silvia; Guarino, Riccardo; Fernández-Palacios...
2 October 2018

The grand challenges of migration ecology that radar aeroecology can help answer

Bauer, Silke; Nilsson, Cecilia; Farnsworth, Andrew; Kelly, Jeffrey; Reynolds,...
2 October 2018

Plastic collective endothermy in a complex animal society (army ant bivouacs: Eciton burchellii parvispinum)

Baudier, Kaitlin; D'Amelio, Catherine; Sulger, Elisabeth; O'Connor,...
24 September 2018

Incorporating microclimate into species distribution models

Lembrechts, Jonas; Nijs, Ivan; Lenoir, Jonathan
17 September 2018

The interplay between plant-plant interactions and vegetation type drives spatial vegetation patterns in global drylands

Berdugo, Miguel; Soliveres, Santiago; Kéfi, Sonia; Maestre, Fernando T.