Accepted articles

Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published in full text online as Early View. These abstracts have not been copyedited and titles and abstracts may change before the final version.

12 November 2019

Temperature-mediated changes in zooplankton body size: large scale temporal and spatial analysis

Evans, Lowri; Hirst, Andrew; Kratina, Pavel; Beaugrand, Grégory
12 November 2019

Revisiting the dimensionality of biological diversity

Nakamura, Gabriel; Gonçalves, Larissa; Duarte, Leandro
5 November 2019

A refined model of body mass and population density in flightless birds reconciles extreme bimodal population estimates for extinct moa

Latham, Andrew; Latham, Maria; Wilmshurst, Janet ; Forsyth, David; Gormley,...
5 November 2019

Cross-scale drivers of plant trait distributions in a fragmented forest landscape

Jin, Yi; Didham, Raphael; Yuan, Jinfeng; Hu, Guang; Yu, Jingjing; Zheng, Shilu...
1 November 2019

Complimentary strengths of spatially-explicit and multi-species distribution models

Lany, Nina; Zarnetske, Phoebe; Finley, Andrew; McCullough, Deborah G.
1 November 2019

Biotic predictors improve range estimates for migrating monarch butterflies in Mexico

Kass, Jamie; Anderson, Robert P.; Espinosa-Lucas, Alejandro; Juárez-Jaimes,...
30 October 2019

Climatic and edaphic gradients predict variation in wildland-fuel hazard in south-eastern Australia

McColl-Gausden, Sarah; Bennett, Lauren; Duff, Thomas; Cawson, Jane; Penman,...
29 October 2019

Ecological traps and species distribution models: a challenge for prioritizing areas of conservation importance

Titeux, Nicolas; Aizpurua, Olatz; Hollander, Franck; Sardà-Palomera, Francesc;...
29 October 2019

Capturing juvenile tree dynamics from count data using Approximate Bayesian Computation

Lines, Emily; Zavala, Miguel A.; Ruiz-Benito, Paloma; Coomes, David