Restoration special issue

Submitted by editor on 4 April 2022.

Through its Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021–2030), the United Nations calls upon our global community to massively upscale the recovery of degraded nature, in order to fight our climate and biodiversity crises more effectively. Meanwhile, the Parties of the Conference on Biological Diversity have set ambitious targets for not only protecting species and ecosystems, but also reversing degradation trends and restoring function.

The scientific community plays a key role in building the knowledge base necessary to support this global restoration agenda—particularly through scientific research in spatial ecology, macroecology, and biogeography, and their intersections with society and policy. 

This Ecography special issue addresses the need for ecological restoration knowledge, through a set of empirical and theoretical articles that point to next directions for the field of restoration science.

- Read the open-access Restoration Special Issue in Ecography.

- Watch our video abstract that describes the research featured in this issue. 

- Listen to a podcast by our DEiC Jens-Christian Svenning: Is restoration the solution to our biodiversity crisis