New Subject Editor: Corrie Moreau

Dr Corrie Moreau is an Assistant Curator in the Department of Science and Education at the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Corrie completed her Ph.D. at Harvard University in 2007 where she investigated the evolution and diversification of ants and...

Photo covers

EcographyFrom January 2014, Ecography will have a photo on each cover from one of the articles included in that particular issue. Would you like to contribute to the cover associated with your article? Cover photos can be of your study animal , field work location or graphs/art work...

See you at Nordic Oikos 2014?

The Nordic Society Oikos will host a meeting in Stockholm 3-6 February 2014. Read more at Will we see you there?

Upcoming IBS special issue

Keep an eye out for the upcoming IBS special issue that are proceedings from the IBS Miami 2013 meeting. We also have an upcoming special issue in 2014 called "Demography as the basis for understanding and predicting range dynamics "


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