Myriad phenological strategies in dry ecosystems

Plant functional types across Amboseli National Park in August 2012 (photo credit: Ryan Nagelkirk).

#E4 award paper #OpenAccess

By Ryan Nagelkirk and Kyla Dahlin

Variety may be the spice of life, but for land surface modelers...

E4 award winner and runner-up

We have the great pleasure to announce the winner and runner-up of the first (2015) Ecography E4 award (The Ecography Award for Excellence in Ecology and Evolution).

First prize nominee (winner): Šímová & Storch “...

The existence of partially migratory populations explained by a genetic threshold model

Female blackcap caught and ringed during autumn migration. Photo credit: H.H. de Rooij.


By Marleen M.P. Cobben and Arie J. van Noordwijk


Migration is a very wide-spread behavioural strategy to cope with seasonal changes in environmental...

What is the future of biotic homogenization?

A red junglefowl, (Gallus gallus) on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, where G. gallus is naturalized.


By Kyle Rosenblad

Since McKinney and Lockwood’s (1999) seminal work, a growing body of research has confirmed that human activity...

Simple physics link the distribution and colour of dragonflies across North America and Europe

Assemblages of dragonflies are darker coloured in colder regions and lighter coloured in warmer regions! – A general pattern for insects? Photo: Stefan Pinkert.

By Stefan Pinkert

In this...

Weakening barriers and novel communities expected for North American boreal birds

The Cape May Warbler (Setophaga tigrina), a spruce-budworm specialist that breeds regularly throughout boreal coniferous forests of North America east of the Western Cordillera, is one of 31 species considered likely to expand its range into the Alaskan boreal...

Advantages of being a dark beetle – Insect colouration and thermoregulation

Thermal benefits of dark body colouration (melanism) are known for various groups of ectotherms like amphibians (alpine salamander Salamandra atra, A) and reptiles (melanistic morph of the adder Vipera berus, B).  By studying the body colouration and body...

Trait diversity and environmental variation: sex matters

by Adam C. Algar
In this paper, we focused on how phenotypic diversity within a species changes across a diverse set of environments. We were particularly interested in how ‘harsh’...

Microbial biogeography of permafrost thaw ponds

Permafrost thaw ponds are increasing in size and numbers in northern Quebec landscape (Sheldrake River valley; 56°36.66′N, 76°12.93′W). The extent and stage of thawing of the surrounding permafrost determine the spatial distribution as well as the main limnological...

Nordic Society Oikos unveils its new logo

Nordic Society Oikos (NSO), with members in all Nordic countries, now unveils its new logo. NSO is the owner of the internationally distinguished journals Ecography, Journal of Avian Biology, Nordic Journal of Botany and Oikos. NSO is a non-profit organisation, and any...


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