New Subject Editor: Wolf Eiserhardt

7 May 2018

I am an Associate Professor at Aarhus University (Denmark), and an Honorary Research Associate at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew (UK). My passion is studying the diversity of land plants. What drives the diversification of this fascinating lineage? Why are some plant lineages so much more diverse than others? And why are some places (e.g., tropical rain forests) so much more diverse in plant species than others? I am trying to answer these and other related questions using an integrative methodology, ranging from field botany through taxonomy, genomics, phylogenetic analysis and macroevolutionary modelling to spatial analysis and macroecology. Although some of my work cuts across all plants, my group usually applies the “integrated monography” approach, i.e. focusing on certain model lineages (such as palms or saxifrages) to answer general questions by developing a comprehensive understanding of the evolution and ecology of these groups, applying a wide array of approaches.



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