New Subject Editor: Miguel Matias

24 October 2014

Miguel Matias is a Marie Curie Fellow at the Imperial College London (UK). In 2011, Miguel received his PhD in Ecology from the University of Sydney (Australia).
Following his PhD, was got a postdoctoral fellowship at the Evolutionary Community Ecology group at the CNRS (University of Montpellier).

Since 2013 he has been splitting his time between the National Museum of Natural Sciences (CSIC, Spain) and the Research Centre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources (CIBIO-UE, Portugal).
Miguel is an ecologist trying to understand the mechanisms underlying species’ responses to loss or changes in their natural habitats.

He believes that, in order to understand the consequences of such changes, we must be able to explain why those same species were supposed to be in their habitats in the first place.
He uses empirical, experimental and theoretical approaches that range from bacterial microcosms to macro-ecological models.


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