New Subject Editor Kyle Haynes

13 September 2016

I am a Research Associate Professor at the University of Virginia in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Associate Director of Blandy Experimental Farm, a field station for ecological and environmental research in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States and The State Arboretum of Virginia.

I study how and why populations fluctuate in abundance across time and space, factors affecting the rates at which species ranges expand or contract, and the implications of human-driven global changes, particularly climate change, habitat loss, and light pollution. To approach these problems, I blend analyses of spatiotemporal datasets, quantitative modeling, and field experiments. Aspects of population dynamics I am especially interested include boom-or-bust fluctuations (population cycles) and the spatial synchrony of fluctuations in abundance. Forest-defoliating moths have been my main study organisms in recent years, but my studies have focused on a wide range of arthropods and host plants.

Keywords: Population dynamics, Spatial ecology, Spatial synchrony, Landscape ecology, Forest insects, Dispersal, Herbivory


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