New Subject Editor: Gretta Pecl

16 October 2017

I am a marine ecologist ‘generalist’ with broad interdisciplinary research interests, and a background working on population dynamics, fisheries biology, and movement and migration of commercial species. Building on this broad background, I now focus on species and ecosystem responses to climate change, assessing species and fisheries vulnerability to climate change, and the development of adaptation options for natural resource management.  I have a specific interest in exploring the mechanisms and processes underpinning climate-driven species redistribution, and the ecosystem implications of these. This interest led to me co-convening the recent ‘Species on the Move’ conference (, and I am currently working with a South African host team to organise the next one in July 2019. One of the approaches I use to examine climate-driven changes in species distribution includes citizen science, and I developed and lead the National citizen science project Redmap Australia, the Range Extension Database and mapping project (, which invites fishers and divers around our coastline to help monitor changes in Australian seas. I am currently an Australian Research Council Future Fellow at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, and the Centre for Marine Socioecology, in Hobart, Tasmania.


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