Intecol special Issue Q and A

26 March 2015

The INTECOL special issue (live 2 April) treats biodiversity, a critical concept for ecology and evolution and one of the most political, with a focus on (1) key factors generating and maintaining biodiversity, (2) the difficult, but crucial issue of spatial scale, and (3) novel approaches to the study of biodiversity.

The editorial is written by Chris Lortie (@cjlortie) and Jens-Christian Svenning (@JCSvenning) and is freely available for anyone to download. The special issue consists of 6 articles.

On 7 April, 4 pm Europe time (CET) there will be a twitter Q and A for 1 hour, where Chris Lorite and Jens-Christian Svenning will answer any questions you may have regarding papers from the Intecol special issue. Please send questions on beforehand to ecography [at] oikosoffice [dot] lu [dot] se or by posting on twitter with the hashtag #EcographyQandA

For photo credit and photo descriptions to the Intecol Special Issue cover, press here (scroll down for high res pdf).


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