February 2016

Illustration by Iris Hopp who won a www.99designs.co.uk competition to design an ‘album cover’ to for the collection of papers in this special issue.  It is the result of an experiment in crowd-sourcing quality design quickly and at an affordable cost conducted by the Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Conservation research cluster at the University of Oxford. The design brief specified artwork that should: i) capture science concepts of megafauna, ecosystems, cascades, flows and restoration  ii) communicate notions of ‘edgy’ and open science, iii) have wide appeal and iii) work in a range of communion formats, from powerpoint to twitter. Hopp’s  ‘heavy metal mammoth’ design was chosen as the winner because it added a fun and forward-looking dimension to the brief.

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Whole issue free to read

Download high resolution file: ecog_february_cover_kopia.pdf