August 2020

Mother and calf pair of sei whales (Balaenoptera borealis) sighted in the North Atlantic. Sei whales are one of the twelve taxa of cetaceans we studied in Mannocci et al. In this paper, we tested for geographical differences in habitat relationships of cetaceans between two regions located on either side of the North Atlantic Ocean. We found substantial differences in the shape of cetaceans’ relationships with environmental covariates between regions. Our findings stress the need to account for geographical differences in habitat relationships when modeling the distributions of cetaceans and other highly mobile marine predators at the scale of an ocean basin. The whales were photographed from the NOAA Twin Otter aircraft during an aerial survey in the western North Atlantic (photo collected under MMPA Research permit number 17355). Photo Credit: NOAA/NEFSC/Christin Khan.

Download high resolution file: ecog_43-8_cover_2.pdf