New Subject Editor: Henrik Krehenwinkel

Submitted by editor on 13 May 2024.

I am a Professor in the Department of Biogeography at Trier University in Germany. My research focuses on monitoring the evolutionary and ecological responses of biological communities to global environmental change. I study how human activity is remodeling the taxonomic composition and biotic interactions in communities and how species can cope with environmental change by rapid evolutionary adaptation. To approach these questions, I use a combination of genomic tools, with field- and laboratory experiments. A particular focus of my current research revolves around using environmental DNA from biological archives to understand temporal patterns of biodiversity change. The taxonomic focus of my work lies on terrestrial arthropods, but I am also involved in projects on various other animal groups, as well as plants and microorganisms.

Keywords: environmental DNA, metabarcoding, biotic interactions, biomonitoring, community assembly, biogeography, evolutionary adaptation, biological archives