Lamb, J. S., Paton, P. W. C., Osenkowski, J. E., Badzinski, S. S., Berlin, A. M., Bowman, T., Dwyer, C., Fara, L. J., Gilliland, S. G., Kenow, K., Lepage, C., Mallory, M. L., Olsen, G. H., Perry, M. C., Petrie, S. A., Savard, J.-P. L., Savoy, L., Schummer, M., Spigel, C. S. and McWilliams, S. R. 2020. Assessing year-round habitat use by migratory sea ducks in a multi-species context reveals seasonal variation in habitat selection and partitioning. – Ecography doi: 10.1111/ecog.05003


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