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Article number Year Descriptionsort descending Documents
E7384 2012

Wang, X. and Fang, J. 2012. Constraining null models with environmental gradients: a new method for evaluating the effects of environmental factors and geometric constraints on geographic diversity patterns. – Ecography 35: xxx–xxx.

E5507 2009

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ECOG-00011 2012

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ECOG-00126 2012

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local climate on local species richness in China’s forests. – Ecography 000: 000–000.

ECOG-03158 2017

Wang, Y., Si, X., Bennet, P. M., Chen, C., Zeng, D., Zhao, Y., Wu, Y. and Ding, P. 2017. Ecological correlates of extinction risk in Chinese birds. – Ecography doi: 10.1111/ecog.03158

E6781 2011

Wang, Z., Fang, J., Tang, Z. and Lin, X. 2011. Relative role of contemporary environment versus history in shaping diversity patterns of China’s woody plants. –Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E6988 2012

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E7786 2012

Wang, Z., Rahbek, C. and Fang, J. 2012. Effects of geographical extent on the determinants of woody plant diversity. – Ecography 35: xxx–xxx.

ECOG-03900 2018

Warren, D. L., Beaumont, L., Dinnage, R. and Baumgartner, J. 2018. New methods for measuring ENM breadth and overlap in environmental space. – Ecography doi: 10.1111/ecog.03900

E5251 2008

Wauters, L. A. Githiru, M., Bertolino, S., Molinari, A., Tosi, G. and Lens, L. 2008. Demography of alpine red squirrel populations in relation to fluctuations in seed crop size. – Ecography 31: 33–42.

E5251 2008

Wauters, L. A. Githiru, M., Bertolino, S., Molinari, A., Tosi, G. and Lens, L. 2008. Demography of alpine red squirrel populations in relation to fluctuations in seed crop size. – Ecography 31: 33–42.

ECOG-02618 2016

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ECOG-02046 2016

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E7669 2012

Weigelt, P. and Kreft, H. 2012. Quantifying island isolation – insights from global patterns of insular plant species richness. – Ecography 35: xxx–xxx.

ECOG-04093 2018

Weiser, E. L., Diffendorfer, J. E., López-Hoffman, L., Semmens, D. and Thogmartin, W. E. 2019. Consequences of ignoring spatial variation in population trend when conducting a power analysis. – Ecography doi: 10.1111/ecog.04093

ECOG-02314 2017

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ECOG-01450 2015

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ECOG-03886 2018

Wells, K., Gibson, D. I. and Clark, N. J. 2019. Global patterns in helminth host specificity: phylogenetic and functional diversity of regional host species pools matter. – Ecography doi: 10.1111/ecog.03886

E6123 2010

Welsh Jr, H. H. and Hodgson, G. R. 2010. Spatial relationships in a dendritic network: the herpetofaunal metacommunity of the Mattole River catchment of northwest California. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

ECOG-03558 2018

Wen, Z., Wu, Y., Cheng, J., Cai, T., Du, Y., Ge, D., Xia, L. and Yang, Q. 2018. Abundance of small mammals correlates with their elevational range sizes and elevational distributions in the subtropics. – Ecography doi: 10.1111/ecog.03558