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Article number Year Description Documents
E5503 2008

Spribille, T., Thor, G., Bunnell, F. L., Goward, T. and Björk, C. R. 2008. Lichens on dead wood: species-substrate relationships in the epiphytic lichen floras of the Pacific Northwest and Fennoscandia. – Ecography 31: 741–750.

E5522 2008

Krasnov, B. R., Mouillot, D., Khokhlova, I., Shenbrot,
G. I. and Poulin, R. 2008. Scale-invariance of niche breadth in fleas parasitic on small mammals. – Ecography 31: 631–636.

E5548 2008

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E5564 2008

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E4818 2007

Escobar, F., Halffter, G. and Arellano, L. 2007. From forest to pasture: an evaluating of the influence of environment and biogeography on the structure of dung beetle (Scarabaeinae) assemblages along three altitudinal gradients in the Neotropical region. – Ecography 30: 193–208.

E4823 2007

McPherson, J. M. and Jetz, W. 2007. Effects of species’ ecology on the accuracy of distribution models. – Ecography 30: 135–151.

E4824 2007

González-Taboada, F., Nores, C. and Álvarez, M. Á. 2007. Breeding bird species richness in Spain: assessing diversity hypotheses at various scales. – Ecography 30: 241–250.

E4826 2007

Jedrzejewski, W., Schmidt, K., Theuerkauf, J., Jedrzejewska, B. and Kowalczyk, R. 2007. Territory size of wolwes Canis lupus: linking local (Bialowieza Primeval Forest, Poland) and Holarctic-scale patterns. – Ecography 30: 66–76.

E4627 2007

Soberón, J., Jiménez, R., Golubov, J. and Koleff, P. 2007. Assessing completeness of biodiversity databases at different spatial scales. – Ecography 30: 152–160.

E4899 2007

Forster, M. A. and Warton, D. I. 2007. A metacommunity-scale comparison of speciesabundance distribution models for plant
communities of eastern Australia. – Ecography 30: 449–458.

E4954 2007

Romdal, T. S. and Grytnes, J.-A. 2007. An indirect area effect on elevational species richness patterns. – Ecography 30: 440–448.

E4956 2007

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E4994 2007

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E5005 2007

Fernández, N., Delibes, M. and Palomares, F. 2007. Habitat-related heterogeneity in breeding in a metapopulation of the Iberian lynx. – Ecography 30: 431–439.

E5025 2007

Qian, H., Wang, X., Wang, S. and Li, Y. 2007. Environmental determinants of amphibian and reptile species richness in China. – Ecography 30: 471–482.

E5032 2007

Davidson, A. D. and Lightfoot, D. C. 2007. Interactive effects of keystone rodents on the structure of desert grassland arthropod communities. – Ecography 30: 515–525.

E5041 2007

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E5048 2007

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E5197 2007

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E5199 2007

Hartley, D. J., Koivula, M. J., Spence, J. R., Pelletier, R. and Ball, G. E. 2007. Effect of urbanization on ground beetle assemblages (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of grassland habitats in western Canada. – Ecography 30: 673–684.