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Article numbersort ascending Year Description Documents
E6152 2010

Grenouillet, G., Buisson, L., Casajus, N. and Lek, S. 2010. Ensemble modelling of species distribution: the effects of geographical and environmental ranges. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

E6150 2010

Indermaur, L., Schaub, M., Jokela, J., Tockner, K. and Schmidt, B. R. 2010. Differential response to abiotic conditions and predation risk rather than competition avoidance determine breeding site selection by anurans. – Ecography 33: 887-895.

E6141 2011

Berglund, H., Hottola, J., Penttilä, R. and Siitonen, J. 2011. Linking substrate and habitat requirements of wood-inhabiting fungi to their regional extinction vulnerability. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E6139 2010

Emilio, T., Walker Nelson, B., Schietti, J., Desmoulière, S. J.-M., Espírito-Santo, H. M. V. and Costa, F. R. C. 2010. Assessing the relationship between forest types and canopy tree beta diversity in Amazonia. – Ecography 33: 738-747.

E6125 2010

Hambäck, P. A., Bergman, K.-O., Bommarco, R., Krauss, J., Kuussaari, M., Pöyry, J. and Öckinger, E. 2010. Allometric density responses in butterflies: the response to small and large patches by small and large species. – Ecography 33: 1149-1156.

E6123 2010

Welsh Jr, H. H. and Hodgson, G. R. 2010. Spatial relationships in a dendritic network: the herpetofaunal metacommunity of the Mattole River catchment of northwest California. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

E6119 2010

Scrosati, R. A., van Genne, B., Heaven, C. S. and Watt, C. A. 2010. Species richness and diversity in different functional groups across environmental stress gradients: a model for marine rocky shores. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

E6105 2010

Smith, T. W. and Lundholm, J. T. 2010. Variation partitioning as a tool to distinguish between niche and neutral processes. – Ecography 33: 648-655.

E6094 2010

Driscoll, D. A. and Lindenmayer, D. B. 2010.Assembly rules are rare in SE Australian bird communities, but sometimes apply in fragmented agricultural landscapes. – Ecography 33: 854–865.

E6088 2010

Bonifait, S. and Villard, M.-A. 2010. Efficiency of buffer zones around ponds to conserve odonates and songbirds in mined peat bogs. – Ecography 33: 913-920.

E6087 2010

Guillaumet, A., Gonin, J., Prodon, R. and Crochet, P.-A. 2010. The geographic and seasonal dimensions of habitat use in Galerida larks: implications for species coexistence and range limits. – Ecography 33: 961-970.

E6077 2010

Roever, C. L., Boyce, M. S. and Stenhouse, G. B. 2010. Grizzly bear movements relative to roads: application of step selection functions. – Ecography 33: 1113-1122.

E6046 2010

Bell, J. R., King, R. A., Bohan, D. A. and Symondson, O. C. 2010. Spatial co-occurrence networks predicts the feeding histories of polyphagous arthropod predators at field scales. – Ecography 33: 64–72.

E6045 2010

Nachman, G. and Borregaard, M. K. 2010. From complex spatial dynamics to simple Markov chain models: do predators and prey leave footprints? – Ecography 33: 137–147.

E6042 2010

Kriticos, D. J. and Leriche, A. 2010. The effects of spatial data precision on fitting and projecting species niche models. – Ecography 33: 115–127.

E6040 2010

Cabeza, M., Arponen, A., Jäättelä, L., Kujala, H., van Teeffelen, A. and Hanski, I. 2010. Conservation planning with insects at three different spatial scales. – Ecography 33: 54–63.

E6039 2010

Lobo, J. M., Jiménez-Valverde, A. and Hortal, J. 2010. The uncertain nature of absences and their importance in species distribution modelling. – Ecography 33: 103–114.

E6037 2010

Hartley, S., Krushelnycky, P. D. and Lester, P. J. 2010. Integrating physiology, population dynamics and climate to make multi-scale predictions for the spread of an invasive insect: the Argentine ant at Haleakala National Park, Hawaii. – Ecography 33: 83–94.

E6035 2010

Procheş, Ş., Warren, M., McGeoch, M. A. and Marshall, D. J. 2010. Spatial scaling and transition in pneumatophore arthropod communities. – Ecography 33: 128–136.

E6021 2010

González-Varo, J. P. 2010. Fragmentation, habitat composition and the dispersal/predation balance in interactions between the Mediterranean myrtle and avian frugivores. – Ecography 33: 185–197.