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Article number Year Descriptionsort descending Documents
ECOG-03503 2018

Valente, L., Phillimore, A. B. and Etienne, R. S. 2018. Using molecular phylogenies in island biogeography: it’s about time. – Ecography doi: 10.1111/ecog.03503

ECOG-03329 2018

van Beeck Calkoen, S. T. S., Kuijper, D. P. J., Sand, H., Singh, N. J., van Wieren, S. E. and Cromsigt, J. P. G. M. 2018. Does wolf presence reduce moose browsing intensity in young forest plantations? – Ecography doi: 10.1111/ecog.03329

ECOG-01339 2015

van Beest, F. M., McLoughlin, P. D., Mysterud, A. and Brook, R. K. 2015. Functional responses in habitat selection are density dependent in a large herbivore. – Ecography doi: 10.1111/ecog.01339

E4483 2006

Van de Meutter, F., Stoks, R. and De Meester, L. 2006. Lotic dispersal of lentic macroinvertebrates. – Ecography 29: 223–230.

ECOG-00143 2013

van de Pol, M., Brouwer, L., Brooker, L. C., Brooker, M. G., Colombelli-Négrel, D., Hall, M. L., Langmore, N. E., Peters, A., Pruett-Jones, S., Russell, E. M., Webster, M. S. and Cockburn, A. 2013. Problems with using large-scale oceanic climate indices to compare climatic sensitivities across populations and species. – Ecography 36: xxx–xxx.

ECOG-04729 2019

Van doninck, J., Jones, M. M., Zuquim, G., Ruokolainen, K., Moulatlet, G. M., Sirén, A., Cárdenas, G., Lehtonen, S. and Tuomisto, H. 2019. Multispectral canopy reflectance improves spatial distribution models of Amazonian understory species. – Ecography doi: 10.1111/ecog.04729

ECOG-04125 2018

van Gasteren, H., Krijgsveld, K. L., Klauke, N., Leshem, Y., Metz, I. C., Skakuj, M., Sorbi, S., Schekler, I. and Shamoun-Baranes, J.2019. Aeroecology meets aviation safety: early warning systems in Europe and the Middle East prevent collisions between birds and aircraft. – Ecography doi: 10.1111/ecog.04125

E7291 2012

Van Moorter, B., Visscher, D., Herfindal, I., Basille, M. and Mysterud, A. 2012. Inferring behavioural mechanisms in habitat selection studies – getting the null-hypothesis right for functional and familiarity responses. – Ecography 35: xxx–xxx.

ECOG-01509 2015

van Proosdij, A. S. J., Sosef, M. S. M., Wieringa, J. J. and Raes, N. 2015. Minimum required number of specimen records to develop accurate species distribution models. – Ecography doi: 10.1111/ecog.01509
E5396 2008

VanDerWal, J., Murphy, H. T. and Lovett-Doust, J. 2008. Three-dimensional mid-domain predictions: geometric constraints in North American amphibian, bird, mammal and tree species richness patterns. – Ecography 31: 435–449.

ECOG-00345 2013

Vanderwel, M. C. and Purves, D. W. 2013. How do disturbances and environmental heterogeneity affect the pace of forest distribution shifts under climate change? – Ecography 36: xxx–xxx.

ECOG-00345 2013

Vanderwel, M. C. and Purves, D. W. 2013. How do disturbances and environmental heterogeneity affect the pace of forest distribution shifts under climate
change? – Ecography 36: xxx–xxx.

E6458 2011

Vandewoestijne, S. and Van Dyck, H. 2011. Flight morphology along a latitudinal gradient in a butterfly: do geographic clines differ between agricultural and woodland landscapes? – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

ECOG-01394 2015

Vanoverbeke, J., Urban, M. C. and De Meester, L. 2015. Community assembly is a race between immigration and adaptation: eco-evolutionary interactions across spatial scales. – Ecography doi: 10.1111/ecog.01394
E5442 2008

Vanschoenwinkel, B., Gielen, S., Vanderwaerde, H., Seaman, M. and Brendonck, L. 2008. Relative importance of different dispersal vectors for small aquatic invertebrates in a rock pool metacommunity. – Ecography 31: 568–578.

ECOG-00120 2013

Vardien, W., Richardson, D. M., Foxcroft, L. C., Wilson, J. R. U. and Le Roux, J. J. 2013. Management history determines gene flow in a prominent invader. – Ecography 36: xxx–xxx.

ECOG-00441 2013

Varela, S., Anderson, R., García-Valdés, R. and Fernández-González, F. 2013. Environmental filters reduce the effects of sampling bias and improve
predictions of ecological niche models. – Ecography 36: xxx–xxx.

ECOG-01154 2014

Varela, S., González-Hernández, J., Sgarbi, L. F., Marshall, C., Uhen, M. D., Peters, S. and McClennen, M. 2015. paleobioDB: an R package for downloading, visualizing and processing data from the Paleobiology Database. – Ecography doi: 10.1111/ecog.01154

E6980 2011

Vargas, P., Heleno, R., Traveset, A. and Nogales, M. 2011. Colonisation of the Galápagos Islands by plants with no specific syndromes for long-distance dispersal: a new perspective. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E7050 2011

Vasconcelos, T. D. S., Rodríguez, M. Á. and Hawkins, B. A. 2011. Species distribution modelling as a macroecological tool: a case study using New World amphibians. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.