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Article number Year Description Documents
E5480 2008

Suominen, O., Persson, I.-L., Danell, K., Bergström, R. and Pastor, R. 2008. Impact of simulated moose densities on abundance and richness of vegetation, herbivorous and predatory arthropods along a productivity gradient. – Ecography 31: 637–646.

E5484 2008

Danovaro, R., Gambi, C., Lampadariou, N. and Tselepides, A. 2008. Deep-sea nematode biodiversity in the Mediterranean Basin: testing for longitudinal, bathymetric and energetic gradients. – Ecography 31: 231–244.

E5490 2008

Betts, M. G., Rodenhouse, N. L., Sillett, T. S., Doran, P. J. and Holmes, R. T. 2008. Dynamic occupancy models reveal within-breeding season movement up a habitat quality gradient by a migratory songbird. – Ecography 31: 593–601.

E5503 2008

Spribille, T., Thor, G., Bunnell, F. L., Goward, T. and Björk, C. R. 2008. Lichens on dead wood: species-substrate relationships in the epiphytic lichen floras of the Pacific Northwest and Fennoscandia. – Ecography 31: 741–750.

E5522 2008

Krasnov, B. R., Mouillot, D., Khokhlova, I., Shenbrot,
G. I. and Poulin, R. 2008. Scale-invariance of niche breadth in fleas parasitic on small mammals. – Ecography 31: 631–636.

E5548 2008

Nelson, T. A. and Boots, B. 2008. Detecting spatial hot spots in landscape ecology. – Ecography 31: 556–567.

E5564 2008

Wichmann, M. C., Alexander, M. J., Hails, R. S. and Bullock, J. M. 2008. Historical distribution and regional dynamics of two Brassica species. – Ecography 31: 673–684.

E4818 2007

Escobar, F., Halffter, G. and Arellano, L. 2007. From forest to pasture: an evaluating of the influence of environment and biogeography on the structure of dung beetle (Scarabaeinae) assemblages along three altitudinal gradients in the Neotropical region. – Ecography 30: 193–208.

E4823 2007

McPherson, J. M. and Jetz, W. 2007. Effects of species’ ecology on the accuracy of distribution models. – Ecography 30: 135–151.

E4824 2007

González-Taboada, F., Nores, C. and Álvarez, M. Á. 2007. Breeding bird species richness in Spain: assessing diversity hypotheses at various scales. – Ecography 30: 241–250.

E4826 2007

Jedrzejewski, W., Schmidt, K., Theuerkauf, J., Jedrzejewska, B. and Kowalczyk, R. 2007. Territory size of wolwes Canis lupus: linking local (Bialowieza Primeval Forest, Poland) and Holarctic-scale patterns. – Ecography 30: 66–76.

E4627 2007

Soberón, J., Jiménez, R., Golubov, J. and Koleff, P. 2007. Assessing completeness of biodiversity databases at different spatial scales. – Ecography 30: 152–160.

E4899 2007

Forster, M. A. and Warton, D. I. 2007. A metacommunity-scale comparison of speciesabundance distribution models for plant
communities of eastern Australia. – Ecography 30: 449–458.

E4954 2007

Romdal, T. S. and Grytnes, J.-A. 2007. An indirect area effect on elevational species richness patterns. – Ecography 30: 440–448.

E4956 2007

Southgate, R., Paltridge, R., Masters, P. and Carthew, S. 2007. Bilby distribution and fire: a test of alternative models of habitat suitability in the Tanami Desert, Australia. – Ecography 30: 759–776.

E4994 2007

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E5005 2007

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E5025 2007

Qian, H., Wang, X., Wang, S. and Li, Y. 2007. Environmental determinants of amphibian and reptile species richness in China. – Ecography 30: 471–482.

E5032 2007

Davidson, A. D. and Lightfoot, D. C. 2007. Interactive effects of keystone rodents on the structure of desert grassland arthropod communities. – Ecography 30: 515–525.

E5041 2007

Raes, N. and ter Steege, H. 2007. A null-model for significance testing of presence-only species distribution models. – Ecography 30: 727–736.