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Article numbersort descending Year Description Documents
E6854 2010

Morin, X. and Lechowicz, M. J. 2010. Geographical and ecological patterns of range size in North American trees. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

E6856 2011

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E6860 2011

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E6866 2011

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E6869 2011

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E6871 2011

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e6874 2011

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e6878 2011

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E6882 2012

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e6900 2011

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e6904 2011

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e6919 2011

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e6923 2010

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e6924 2011

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E6928 2011

Schlaepfer, D. R., Lauenroth, W. K. and Bradford, J. B. 2011. Effects of ecohydrological variables on current and future ranges, local suitability patterns, and model accuracy in big sagebrush. – Ecography 000: 000–000.

E6930 2011

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E6936 2011

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E6938 2011

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E6940 2011

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E6943 2011

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