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Article numbersort descending Year Description Documents
E6614 2011

Jacobs, B. F. 2011. Spatial patterns and ecological drivers of historic piñon-juniper woodland expansion in the American southwest. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E6629 2010

Machac, A., Janda, M., Dunn, R. R. and Sanders, N. J. 2010. Elevational gradients in phylogenetic structure of ant communities reveal the interplay of biotic and abiotic constraints on species density. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

E6651 2011

Yen, J. D. L., Thomson, J. R., Vesk, P. A. and Mac Nally, R. 2011. To what are woodland birds responding? Inference on relative importance of in-site habitat variables using multiple ensemble habitat-modelling techniques. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E6652 2010

Schmalholz, M. and Hylander, K. 2010. Microtopography creates small-scale refugia for boreal forest floor bryophytes during clear-cut logging. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

E6653 2011

Fitzpatrick, M. C., Sanders, N. J., Ferrier, S., Longino, J. T. Weiser, M. D. and Dunn, R. 2011. Forecasting the future of biodiversity: a test of single- and multi-species models for ants in North America. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E6664 2011

Darmon, G., Calenge, C., Loison, A., Jullien, J.-M., Maillard, D. and Lopez, J.-F. 2011. Spatial distribution and habitat selection in coexisting species of mountain ungulates. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E6691 2010

Lebl, K., Bieber, C., Adamík, P., Fietz, J., Morris, P., Pilastro, A. and Ruf, T. 2010. Survival rates in a small hibernator, the edible dormouse: a comparison across Europe. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

E6712 2011

Schippers, P., Verboom, J., Vos, C. C. and Jochem, R. 2011. Metapopulation shift and survival of woodland birds under climate change: will species be able to track? – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E6713 2010

Cobben, M. M. P., Verboom, J., Opdam, P. F. M., Hoekstra, R. F., Jochem, R., Arens, P. and Smulders, M. J. M. 2011. Projected climate change causes loss and redistribution of genetic diversity in a model metapopulation of a medium-good disperser. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E6772 2011

Fuller, M. M. and Enquist, B. J. 2011. Accounting for spatial autocorrelation in null models of tree species association. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E6781 2011

Wang, Z., Fang, J., Tang, Z. and Lin, X. 2011. Relative role of contemporary environment versus history in shaping diversity patterns of China’s woody plants. –Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E6797 2010

Salido, L., Purse, B. V., Marrs, R., Chamberlain, D. E. and Schultz, S. 2011. Flexibility in phenology and habitat use act as buffers to long-term population
declines in UK passerines. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E6803 2011

Matthews, S. N., Iverson, L. R., Prasad, A. M. and Peters, M. P. 2011. Changes in potential habitat of 147 North American breeding bird species in response to redistribution of trees and climate following predicted climate change. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E6808 2011

Kolb, G. S., Jerling, L., Essenberg, C., Palmborg, C. and Hambäck, P. A. 2011. The impact of nesting cormornats on plant and arthropod diversity. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E6811 2010

Sharma, S., Legendre, P., De Cáceres, M. and Boisclair, D. 2010. The role of environmental and spatial processes in structuring native and non-native fish communities across thousands of lakes. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

E6818 2011

Jurasinski, G., Jentsch, A., Retzer, V. and Beierkuhnlein, C. 2011. Detecting spatial patterns in species composition with multiple plot similarity coefficients and singularity measures. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E6826 2010

Poulin, R., Blanar, C. A., Thieltges, D. W. and Marcogliese, D. J. 2010. The biogeography of parasitism in sticklebacks: distance habitat differences and the similarity in parasite occurrence and abundance. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

E6833 2011

Chen, Y., Han, W., Tang, L., Tang, Z. and Fang, J. 2011. Leaf nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations of woody plants differ in responses to climate, soil and plant growth form. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E6839 2011

Siriwardena, G. M., Cooke, I. R. and Sutherland, W. J. 2011. Landscape, cropping and field boundary influences on bird abundance. – Ecography 34: xxx– xxx.

E6850 2011

Fontaneto, D., Barbosa, A. M., Segers, H. and Pautasso, M. 2011. The ‘rotiferologist’ effect and the other global drivers of species richness in rotifers. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.