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Article number Yearsort descending Description Documents
E5282 2008

Moody-Weis, J., Antonovics, J., Alexander, H. M. and Pilson, D. 2008. Predicting local colonization and extinction dynamics from coarser-scale surveys. – Ecography 31: 61–72.

E5285 2008

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E5289 2008

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E5320 2008

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E5327 2008

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E5343 2008

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E5335 2008

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E5336 2008

Brinkerhoff, R. J., Ray, C., Thiagarajan, B., Collinge, S. K., Cully, J. F. Jr, Holmes, B. and Gage, K. L. 2008. Prairie dog presence affects occurrence patterns of disease vectors on small mammals. – Ecography 31: 655–663.

E5345 2008

Manzaneda, A. J. and Rey, P. J. 2008. Geographic variation in seed removal of a myrmecochorous herb: influence of variation in functional guild and species composition of the disperser assemblage through spatial and temporal scales. – Ecography 31: 584–592.

E5373 2008

Hurme, E., Mönkkönen, M., Reunanen, P., Nikula, A. and Nivala, V. 2008. Temporal patch occupancy dynamics of the Siberian flying squirrel in a boreal forest landscape. – Ecography 31: 469–476.

E5374 2008

Schiffers, K., Schurr, F. M., Tielbörger, K., Urbach, C., Moloney, K. and Jeltsch, F. 2008. Dealing with virutal aggregation – a new index for analysing heterogeneous point patterns. – Ecography 31: 545–555.

E5385 2008

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E5396 2008

VanDerWal, J., Murphy, H. T. and Lovett-Doust, J. 2008. Three-dimensional mid-domain predictions: geometric constraints in North American amphibian, bird, mammal and tree species richness patterns. – Ecography 31: 435–449.

e5428 2008

Murphy, M. A., Evans, J. S., Cushman, S. A. and Storfer, A. 2008. Representing genetic variation as continuous surfaces: an approach for identifying spatial dependency in landscape genetic studies. – Ecography 31: 685–697.

E5433 2008

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E5439 2008

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E5442 2008

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E5453 2008

Aukema, B. H., Carroll, A. L., Zheng, Y., Zhu, J., Raffa, K. F., Moore, D., Stahl, K. and Taylor, S. W. 2008. Movement of outbreak populations of mountain pine beetle: influences of spatiotemporal patterns and climate. – Ecography 31: 348–358.

E5457 2008

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E5470 2008

Ebeling, S. K., Welk, E., Auge, H. and Bruelheide, H. 2008. Predicting the spread of an invasive plant: combining experiments and ecological niche model. – Ecography 31: 709–719.