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Article number Yearsort descending Description Documents
E7085 2011

Pollock, L. J., Morris, W. K. and Vesk, P. A. 2011. The role of functional traits in species distributions revealed through a hierarchical model. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E7103 2011

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E7128 2011

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E7132 2011

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E7136 2011

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E7147 2011

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necessary? – Ecography 34: 000–000.

E7149 2011

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Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E7154 2011

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E7156 2011

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E7157 2011

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E7176 2011

Maitner, B. S., Rudgers, J. A., Dunham, A. E. and Whitney, K. D. 2011. Patterns of bird invasion are consistent with environmental filtering. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E7181 2011

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evidence from New Guinea. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

e7190 2011

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E7259 2011

Münkemüller, T., de Bello, F., Meynard, C.N., Gravel, D., Lavergne, S., Mouillot, D., Mouquet, N. and Thuiller, W. 2011. From diversity indices to community assembly processes: A test with simulated data – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E7200 2011

Zurell, D., Grimm, V., Rossmanith, E., Zbinden, N., Zimmermann, N. and Schröder, B. 2011. Uncertainty in predictions of range dynamics: black grouse climbing the Swiss Alps. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E7227 2011

Calkins, M. T., Beever, E. A., Boykin, K. G., Frey, J. K. and Andersen, M. C. 2011. Not-so splendid isolation: modeling climate-mediated range collapse of a montane mammal (Ochotona princeps) across
numerous ecoregions. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E7231 2011

Geange, S. W., Connell, A. M., Lester, P. J., Dunn, M. R. and Burns, K. C. 2011. Fish distributions along depht gradients of a sea mountain range conform to the mid-domain efffect. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E7244 2011

Locke, S. A., Levy, M. S., Marcogliese, D. J., Ackerman, S. and Daniel, J. 2011. The decay of parasite community similarity in ring-billed gulls Larus delawarensis and other hosts. – Ecography 34: xxx–xxx.

E7448 2012

Homburg, K., Schuldt, A., Drees, C. and Assmann, T. 2012. Broad-scale geographic patterns in body size and hind wing development of western Palaearctic carabid beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae). – Ecography 35: xxx–xxx.

E6988 2012

Wang, Z., Fang, J., Tang, Z. and Shi, L. 2012. Directional and geographical patterns in beta diversity of China’s woody plants: niches versus dispersal limitations. – Ecography 35: xxx–xxx.