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Article number Yearsort descending Description Documents
E6125 2010

Hambäck, P. A., Bergman, K.-O., Bommarco, R., Krauss, J., Kuussaari, M., Pöyry, J. and Öckinger, E. 2010. Allometric density responses in butterflies: the response to small and large patches by small and large species. – Ecography 33: 1149-1156.

E6139 2010

Emilio, T., Walker Nelson, B., Schietti, J., Desmoulière, S. J.-M., Espírito-Santo, H. M. V. and Costa, F. R. C. 2010. Assessing the relationship between forest types and canopy tree beta diversity in Amazonia. – Ecography 33: 738-747.

E6150 2010

Indermaur, L., Schaub, M., Jokela, J., Tockner, K. and Schmidt, B. R. 2010. Differential response to abiotic conditions and predation risk rather than competition avoidance determine breeding site selection by anurans. – Ecography 33: 887-895.

E6152 2010

Grenouillet, G., Buisson, L., Casajus, N. and Lek, S. 2010. Ensemble modelling of species distribution: the effects of geographical and environmental ranges. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

E6160 2010

Rennie, M. B., Sprules, W. G. and Vaillancourt, A. 2010. Changes in fish condition and mercury vary by region, not Bythotrephes invasion: a result of climate change? – Ecography 33: 471–482.

E6169 2010

Randhawa, H. S. and Poulin, R. 2010. Determinants of tapeworm species richness in elasmobranch fishes: untangling environmental and phylogenetic influences. – Ecography 33: 866-877.

e6172 2010

Moretti, M., De Cáceres, M., Pradella, C., Obrist, M. K., Wermelinger, B., Legendre, P. and Duelli, P. 2010. Fire-induced taxonomic and functional changes in saproxylic beetle communities in fire sensitive regions. – Ecography 33: 760-771.

e6181 2010

Barbet-Massin, M., Thuiller, W. and Jiguet, F. 2010. How much do we overestimate future local extinction rates when restricting the range of occurrence data in climate suitability models? – Ecography 33: 878-886.

e6203 2010

Triantis, K. A., Borges, P. A. V., Ladle, R. J., Hortal, J., Cardoso, P., Gaspar, C., Dinis, F., Mendonça, E., Silveira, L. M. A., Gabriel, R., Melo, C., Santos, A. M. C., Amorim, I. R., Ribeiri, S., Serrano, A. R. M., Quartau, J. A. and Whittaker, R. J. 2010. Extinction debt on oceanic islands. – Ecography 33: 285–294.

e6212 2010

Baguette, M., Clobert, J. and Schtickzelle, N. 2010. Metepopulation dynamics of the bog fritillary butterfly: experimental changes in habitat quality induced negative density-dependent dispersal. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

e6229 2010

Meier, E. S., Kienast, F., Pearman, P. B., Svenning, J.-C., Thuiller, W., Araújo, M. B., Guisan, A. and Zimmermann, N. E. 2010. Biotic and abiotic variables show little redundancy in explaining tree species distributions. – Ecography 33: 1038-1048.

e6244 2010

Olalla-Tárraga, M. Á., Bini, L. M., Diniz-Filho, J. A. F. and Rodríguez, M. Á. 2010. Cross-species and assemblage-based approaches to Bergmann’s rule and the biogeography of body size in Plethodon salamanders of eastern North America. – Ecography 33: 362–368.

e6250 2010

Giménez-Benavides, L., Albert, M. J., Iriondo, J. M. and Escudero, A. 2010. Demographic processes of upward range contraction in a long-lived Mediterranean high mountain plant. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

e6259 2010

Gaertner, J.-C., Mérigot, B., Rélini, G., Bertrand, J. A., Mazouni, N., Politou, C.-Y., Gil de Sola, L., Kallianiotis, A., Carpentieri, P., Murenu, M., Durbec, J.-P., Vrgoc, N. and Ungaro, N. 2010. Reproducibility of the multi-component aspect of species diversity across different areas and scales: towards the constitution of a shortlist of complementary indices for monitoring fish diversity? – Ecography 33: 1123-1135.

e6263 2010

Di Minin, E. and Griffiths, R. A. 2010. Viability analysis of a threatened amphibian population: modelling the past, present and future. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

E6264 2010

Stefanescu, C., Carnicer, J. and Peñuelas, J. 2010. Determinants of species richness in generalist and specialist Mediterranean butterflies: the negative synergistic forces of climate and habitat change. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

E6268 2010

Thieltges, D. W., Hof, C., Borregaard, M. K., Dehling, D. M., Brändle, M., Brandl, R. and Poulin, R. 2010. Range size patterns in European freshwater trematodes. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

E6269 2010

Garcia-Barros, E. and Romo Benito, H. 2010. The relationship between geographic range size and life history traits: is biogeographic history uncovered? A test using the Iberian butterflies. – Ecography 33: 392–401.

E6270 2010

Bloch, C. P., Stevens, R. D. and Willig, M. R. 2010. Body size and resource competition in New World bats: a test of spatial scaling levels. – Ecography 33: xxx–xxx.

E6273 2010

Blach-Overgaard, A., Svenning, J.-C., Dransfield, J., Greve, M. and Balslev, H. 2010. Determinants of palm species distributions across Africa: the relative roles of climate, non-climatic environmental factors, and spatial constraints. – Ecography 33: 380–391.