The E4 Award

23 August 2017

We are happy to announce an open competition for The Ecography Award for Excellence in Ecology and Evolution (The E4 Award). The recipient of The E4 Award will receive a 1000€ cash award along with the opportunity to publish a prominently featured and freely available review article in Ecography. In addition, the runner-up will receive 500€  and the opportunity to publish a freely available article in Ecography. 


The E4 Award will be given to an early career research scientist (criteria below) who displays exceptional promise in research on spatial and/or temporal patterns, particularly studies of population and community ecology, macroecology, biogeography, ecological genetics, historical ecology, evolution, macroevolution, and conservation. If the award is given for a paper with multiple authors (no more than five, and the lead and corresponding authors must be early career) all authors will receive a certificate, and those meeting the early career research criteria at the time of publication will share the monetary price.


To apply for The E4, please submit a brief (< 300 word) proposal as a .pdf for a concise review paper in one of the areas listed above by 1 October 2017 to ecography [at] oikosoffice [dot] lu [dot] se, with “The E4 Award” in the subject line.  Also have one letter of recommendation sent by a colleague or mentor who can comment on the applicant’s professional promise.


A pre-selection committee will evaluate these applications and choose a subset of the nominees to write review articles. These reviews need not cover an entire research area, and in fact can be concise summaries (< 5000 words) of particularly novel areas of research in spatial or temporal ecology.

The pre-selection selection committee will review these full submissions from the finalists and send the submissions out for peer review.

Accepted submissions will then be reassessed by the final selection committee that will choose the winner and runner-up of the E4. All submissions have the opportunity to appear in Ecography if they meet the journals standards.


Criteria: The winner must have finished her/his PhD no more than 12 years prior to the deadline. Ecography realizes that life intervenes occasionally, so this cut-off is meant to be a suggestion and not a hard requirement. However, applicants should provide an explanation if they are requesting an exception (e.g. absence due to family leave, dramatic shifts in research area, etc.).


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