Herbivore damage increases avian and ant predation of caterpillars on trees along a complete elevational forest gradient in Papua New Guinea

Figure 1. Mt Wilhelm (4509 m a.s.l.; the highest peak of Papua New Guinea) hosts one the most complete and largely undisturbed forest elevational gradient in tropics. Here I took photograph of the upper part of the gradient, from 2000 m to the summit of Mt Wilhelm with its...

Using basic plant traits to predict ungulate seed dispersal potential

Poacae species germinating from roe deer dung in the wild. Photo by Christophe Baltzinger.


By Christophe Baltzinger and Aurélie Albert

Zoochory is a fundamental plant-animal interaction but, today, habitat fragmentation is decreasing gene flow...

Living on the drifting sea ice: polar bears walk on a food conveyor belt

Figure caption: Polar bears travel and hunt on the sea ice, a platform that can drift many kilometers per day. To understand their home range, and that of other marine species, we need to account for drift. Photo by Andrew Derocher


By Marie Auger-Méthé...

Increasing temperature may compensate for lower amounts of dead wood in driving richness of saproxylic beetles

Dicerca berolinensis favors sun exposed dead wood of European beech.

By Joerg Muller

Saproxylic insects are strongly influenced by temperature but also require specific dead wood features, and thus interaction between the two factors is likely....

Local human impacts decouple natural biophysical relationships on Pacific coral reefs

Remote coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean. Remote, uninhabited reefs such as these give us a glimpse into the natural structuring forces of ecological communities in a world without humans and highlight the important fact that not all coral reefs look the same. Natural...

Niche models and translocation experiments: do they predict different responses to climate change?

A metapopulation model had three stages: seeds, rosettes, and juveniles. The model included vital rates of Carlina vulgaris individuals when grown in their home territory. To incorporate responses of life history traits to climate change, these rates were altered...

Species’ roles in food webs show fidelity across a highly variable oak forest

Silk button galls formed by the gall wasp (Neuroterus numismalis) located on the leaves of European Oak. Photo by Riikka Kaartinen.

Boundaries in the ocean and the cons on having a long larval life

Large scale pattern of coastal currents for the east coast of North America. Currents are represented as the annual average of current speed (m/s) in grids of 100km, the data was extracted from Lumpkin and Garrafo 2005...


An Adélie penguin look around for an easy access to the sea from Pétrels Island. Photo by Timothée Poupart. by Yan Ropert-Coudert Complete breeding failure of a large number of individuals is a rare event in Nature. So when the 34 000 Adélie penguins from the...

New studies on fairy circles need to account for new observations on their spatial patterns

The fairy circles of Namibia are currently subject to a lively debate on their origin, and they provide a textbook example of how progress is made in science. Hypotheses that were commonly accepted are challenged by a set of new observations that favor


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